What comfort zone?

Wear your fuzzy socks outside of your comfort zone

When was the last presidential election? Wait. Before that. That’s when I was last in my comfort zone.

I thought it was bad then. But lately, I’ve been so far out of my comfort zone, my feet ache, and I never had to leave my couch.

This past week, I took the next to last step on my website, and I signed myself up for a service to produce my newsletter.  I know what you’re secretly thinking. How is that hard? This is me we’re talking about. The girl who could mess up Jello if there was something at stake. Nothing is easy. Nothing that was supposed to be easy has ever gone smoothly for me. It took me 3 tries to get a web host for crying out loud. Trust me when I say the newsletter service was no better.

This stepping out of  your comfort zone is for the birds but it’s the only thing moving me forward. Would I like to binge watch Netflix or read that series I’ve postponed reading to perfect my own manuscript? HELL YES! But those things didn’t get me where I am today, which may have been a bumpy ride, but I’m here  and those bumps in the road didn’t cause any physical damage. I have a website. I have an editor. I have beta readers who answered a call when I asked and came back with notes, suggestions and most importantly, a reason to keep going. I have mentors in the self-publishing industry who have willing given me advice on all things publishing. Not because I binged watched Supernatural, but because I limped my way into Instagram and Twitter and found a community there that was eager to share their knowledge.  None of this has come easy. Not the first email asking for a critique of a manuscript I kept hidden for a year. Not signing up for social media accounts I had no idea how to use. Not building a website. Not waking up at 3:30 in the mroning to finish edits or plan my social media posts. Not missing out on girls night out or family movie night. You want to see hives on top of hives, watch me submit my manuscript to a publishing house again. Not one damn thing about this journey has been easy, but it’s been worth it.

My one big takeaway from living so long outside my comfort zone is, WEAR FUZZY SOCKS. No matter where you are on your journey or how far out of your comfort zone you are, it’s nice to have that feeling of being somewhere warm and comfortable even if you are so far outside your element, you want to cry, fuzzy socks always make it better, brighter, and a little less scary.