The More You Know

i have a lot to learn

Yet another few months have passed without a word from me. Trust me  when I say, I haven’t been binge watching Netflix. 2020, or level 8 of Jumanji, hit our household and I’ve been dealing with the aftermath of that in between all the other things life (fortunately, not 2020 level life) has to bring. 

In and amongst the chaos, line edits were completed and Rumor Has It was sent for one last beta reader read through before it’s sent off to the proofreader. Due to delays, a few tears, and some unforeseen hiccups, proofreading will not be done until fall. So, of course, the publishing date has also been moved. Yeah, I have a lot still to learn about publishing. BUT, I want to do it right. I don’t want to put crap out there just to say I met my goals. It’s got to be right. Not just for me and my pride, but, for those people who choose to spend their hard-earned money on it.

Of the many things I’ve had to learn on this journey to publishing, I’m discovering I have more to learn than I know. That’s a daunting realization. I am celebrating the small wins, however small they may be, because it’s one less thing holding me back. In the months since my last post, I’ve tackled a Facebook page (unlaunched as of yet, because I’m a chicken shit), written 500 blurbs (one is strong and I think I like it), and decided on a image for my book. I’ve also practiced with a newsletter. You haven’t missed anything I only practiced. It’s coming though, after I learn how to get a pretty signature on the damn thing, of course.

See, still more to learn…