It’s all about the Climb

Who knew I had it in me?

Where the hell have I been, you ask. Well, doing things I never thought I’d do. I’ve accomplished a lot since my last post. Hell, I thought building a website was going to be the hardest thing I’d ever do on this publishing journey. Turns out, committing to a release date and an image for my cover ranked right up there. Just below those was assigning an expensive AF ISBN to Rumor Has It,  Forget formatting an eBook and paperback. I’m still not certain that won’t be my cause of death. YouTube was starting to charge me rent, and I was still no closer to feeling confident enough to format on my own. I don’t have a MAC, so Vellum (everyone’s recommendation) isn’t an option. And I have no plans of trying to figure out a MAC just so I can figure out Vellum too. *Insert big sigh here.* I finally asked for help from an author friend.  Angels do exist in case you’re wondering. I’ve never felt more relieved, only to find that it wasn’t my only hurdle. Let’s just say that I’ve spent an enormous amount of brain power on Bowker (for those of you who might not know that’s where you get your ISBN’s) trying to figure out why Amazon wouldn’t accept my ISBN. Turns out you have to check mark the box, and add your author name and submit it for approval before it becomes legit. WHO KNEW? I mean, I figured in the other five hundred spaces you have to add author name, they’d just know. Well, I acknowledged everyone else–editor, cover designer, proofreader, and did not acknowledge myself as the author. DUMBASS! Right? I’ll say it, you don’t have to.

The whole purpose behind this post wasn’t to bash my shortcomings or even to praise my triumphs, it was merely to share that I survived! AND you will too. Whatever it is. Whatever goal, dream, project, conundrum, battle, or what-the-hell-did-I=get-myself-into position you’re in, you will survive it. I cannot say enough about persevering through adversity. Sometimes it’s simple. Sometimes it’s a hurdle. Sometimes it’s a hell of a climb. BUT it can be done.  I accomplished more than I ever thought I would and survived it. Most for me have been a hell of a climb, but the view after, is soooooo worth it.