truth be told

Jock Star Series Book 2

Book Cover

Truth Be Told

Together they sparked a media frenzy. Apart, they’ll watch it all burn.

Van Hatfield’s baseball empire is imploding.
The hot-headed San Jose Renegades starting pitcher has two choices:
Change his attitude or be traded.
The ultimatum comes on the heels of a scandal, born of a betrayal he can’t forgive.
Until one look, one touch, and a chance encounter expose truths he didn’t see coming.

Brenna Sloan has moved on but his heart hasn’t.
She left a mark he can’t erase and time has yet to heal.
Bad blood, broken hearts, and choices they can’t take back stand between them.
But from the ashes comes opportunity and another chance to get things right . . .
Until one kiss, one night, and one promise threatens their fragile truce.

When past and present collide, will there be anything left to salvage?

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